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Sustainable development requires cooperation and new ideas. BFH SUSTAINS is the ideas laboratory for the realization of sustainable solutions, initiatives and start-ups.

A unique platform

BFH SUSTAINS is the platform to network students like you who are interested in sustainability and to support commitment in the field of sustainability. BFH SUSTAINS promotes, supports and promotes your activities in the field of sustainability.

Projects for everybody

Students from all departments of the BFH can participate in the activities and project work - from the AHB to SoZialen Arbeit. In a project work you can join an existing project, apply for an advertised project or set up your own together with fellow students.

Quality dialogs

We offer you networking events to network with like-minded fellow students, put your ideas into practice - or jump on top of other people's projects. On this page you will also find information about workshops, exciting events and support offers.

«The world is full of solutions - let’s use them!»


Action Plan for 2020-2025

The Federal Council adopted the 2020-2025 action plan for adaptation to climate change. This plan continues the existing policy and contains measures to cope with the risks of climate change and to increase the adaptability of nature, society and the economy. More

Klimastreik: "We are back!" (Video)

The climate strike is reporting back! On 4th September there will again be climate strikes all over Switzerland. But these are extraordinary times and the issue is more urgent than ever. There are therefore big plans for autumn: the next phase will start on 20-25 September. More

Economics and sustainable development – student guide

WWF analysed the extent to which sustainable development is embedded in Swiss economic science curricula and compared the results with those of the analysis it carried out in 2018. More

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Featured projects

Sustainability Slam

Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Gewerbe

In diesem WWF-Projekt sollen Gewerbetreibende motiviert werden, nachhaltige Entwicklung als Innovationschance zu nutzen.

Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Migrant/innen

Sensibilisierung von Migrantinnen und Migranten für das Thema nachhaltige Entwicklung, um ihre Integration besser zu unterstützen.