Certificate of Engagement in Sustainability (CES)

Humanity is facing some tough challenges: climate change, loss of biodiversity, overexploitation of natural resources and increasing social inequality. When it comes to dealing with these challenges, you will be expected to play a pivotal role as a future professional or executive in business or administration, the public sector or politics. It takes motivated and committed decision-makers with in-depth knowledge and expertise to foster sustainable development.

Working towards the CES during your studies at BFH will allow you to acquire new skills, knowledge, and experience in the field of sustainable development. The CES will show potential employers that you have obtained the required abilities and know-how.
The certificate involves academic content (knowledge and skills) as well as extra-curricular (engagement) content.

Knowledge and skills

The knowledge and skills you obtain will increase your awareness of sustainable development. You will acquire problem-solving skills and insight into various fields of activity involved in sustainable development. To successfully complete the course, you will need to have passed three modules:

  • One module covering the basics (at least 3 ECTS credits)
  • Two freely selected modules (at least 2 ECTS credits each) in which you will gain more specialised insights into a specific topic (e.g. climate change, permaculture, diversity) or new methods (e.g. design thinking, climate accounting, systems thinking).
  • The three modules can either form part of your regular degree programme or be completed during a semester abroad

The engagement part allows you to implement innovative solutions on projects with students from other subject specialisations. Skills can be acquired through interdisciplinary cooperation, a much-demanded technique that is used today to resolve complex problems. You will have a coach supporting you along the way.

The following requirements must be met for your project to count towards the award of your CES:

  • The project must be interdisciplinary in nature.
  • You must carry out the project with at least one other student from another subject specialisation.
  • The project must not be carried out at the same time as your Bachelor/Master thesis or a semester assignment. However, you can develop ideas from these or use these as a basis for your project.
  • Your individual input to the project should amount to approximately 100 work hours.
  • Your certificate project will be listed and documented on the BFH SUSTAINS platform.
Do you have an idea for a project?

Do you have an idea for an exciting project which you would like to implement with fellow students? Then sign up with us, post it on the Ideas Pinboard or take it with you to the next Ideas Café!

Good to know

You can also participate in a certificate project even if you are not working towards the CES!

Registering for the CES is easy; simply fill in the Contact form. Details of the procedure and the formal aspects can be found here. You can also send your questions directly to us via the contact form. Already registered for the certificate? Then go to Moodle, where you will find further information and submit your documents for review.